Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Evening Skincare Regime

I have found a regime that works for me and that I have stuck to for a number of years barr facewash.
So every evening without fail I remove my make up with my trusty Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser. This stuff is superb!
It is a concentrated cream that gently removes all your make-up in one easy step, used with a hot soaked muslin cloth to gently exfoliate your skin. It contains naturally active ingredients-Rosemary,chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil. This removes all traces of make-up even mascara!
I finish off with a splash of cool water and Liz Earls Instant Boost Skin Tonic. This closes the pores and prepares your skin for moisturizer or treatment products. This is lovely as well, it contains organic aloe vera, calendula, rose scented geranium,
cucumber and natural vitamin E.

Then I use my Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel all over my face, like a serum. This is amazing I could not live without it!

Ok so, in the morning I just use a gentle face was, my new love is Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash
Kate Somerville is the go to dermatologist for the A-list celebs  in America. I found out the Space Nk were stockists so hot footed it down there and picked up this little beauty! Its for all skin types/sensitive and is sulfate free. I wanted something gentle to use in the morning as your face isn't really dirty when you wake up, it just needs refreshing. This says it effectively cleanses skin without irritating it. It has soothing botanicals and essential oils. It helps free skin of bacteria and pore clogging debris. This is a fantastic face wash, I feel a difference in my skin the second I rinse this off, I am definitely going try more of her range!

Ok, so after this I apply my Givenchy Skin Targetters Skin Embellishing Serum Pore Minimizer.

I then use my Givenchy Hydra Sparkling- Mat Luminescence Moisturizing Fluid for Oily Skin. I find this hydrates nicely without feeling heavy on the skin or sticky. I'm quite pleased with this one I must say :-) but will probably switch to something with an SPF for the summertime.

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