Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fragrance Wardrobe

I love fragrance! Everyone should have a fragrance wardrobe!! Whats that I hear you ask? Well its a collection of fragrances for different occasions, ie work, day, night, weekend, summer,winter and so on.
For work I like to wear something fresh and no over powering. If I'm going out for the evening, something more seductive, warm and sensual. For the weekend something sporty and lively.
Fragrances come in family's like floral, oriental,woody,fruity and fresh/citrus you may prefer fruity over floral so look for the fragrance base notes which will state what its main components are. I like oriental which is more spicy, and warm look for amber, musk and vanilla. Today I purchased Jennifer Aniston's perfume which is a "fruity/floral perfume, inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s earliest and most treasured recollections of scent. A captivating blend of blooming jasmine, citrus notes and a sensual musk base evoke long sunny days at the beach and balmy summer evenings." I love this, its smell exactly like Bobbi Brown Beach, that's why I like it so much. I also purchased D&G L'Imp√©ratrice. This opens with "top notes of rhubarb, red currant and juicy kiwi accord. Fresh watermelon accord in the heart of the fragrance creates a mouth-watering concoction that is then offset by the drama of pink cyclamen for an exhilarating fragrance sensation. The musky notes, sandalwood and grapefruit wood in the base notes are boisterous, brilliant and incredibly addictive" Love this oh my goodness its gorgeous!! I wear the La Roue de la fortune in the autumn. Nice big bottle, lasts a good few months.