Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hello all. So I picked up a few goodies from lush the other day! Yay! Mega raves about the Bubble Bars so I got The Comforter which smells sweet like candy it gives you a warm aroma of blackcurrants that soothes and relaxes you. It turns your bath water pink!! I love it!! Its amazing how much bubbles this produces and how moisturizing it is. This is great when you feel like you want to hide away from the world, it is exactly that... a comforter!

The second bubble bar I got was Blue Skys and Fluffy White Clouds, I absolutely love the smell of this! This has Patchouli Oil and Frankincense which give it a more earthy tone. This promotes peace and meditation and it ultra calming. The scent is sooo relaxing like being in a spa. and it turns your water blue! This has to be my favourite I love the smell of Frankincense.
Aqua Mirabilis

This beauty is a solid scrub bar which has cocoa and almond butter with moisturizes and ground almond shells that exfoliate your skin. This is perfect for troublesome areas like thighs, bums and forearms. It leaves skins smooth and very soft. It also has sandalwood and rose oils. I must say it does smell like biscuits but it does a superb job at making my backside super soft and smooth! yay!

Ok last but in no means least is the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub! This is utter genius! It bright pink sugar that smells and tastes of bubble gum! It exfoliates your lips and you can lick it off! It edible! Its made with exfoliating caster sugar and vegan flavour. This is fantastic I love it!!

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